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Instantly shifting baked on bugsplats or salty clag from winter roads, the V2 Sponge™ is an all year round visor cleaning marvel! It’s small and soft enough to slip into any pocket, as well as being 100% chemical free! 

Visorvision - Who are we?


In 2004 after scouring the local motorcycle retailers for a visor cleaner, we asked the question “Does anyone make simple, cheap AND EFFECTIVE visor care products?” all we could answer was "Nope". So, we went away, spent a year researching and developing materials, subsequently inventing the V2 Sponge, made friends in the USA with the manufacturers of the best anti-fog and water repellent on the planet and started Visorvision to sell it all! Since then we’ve scooped up all of the big industry awards for our visor care products - want great anti-fog, water-repellent and visor cleaning kit? Welcome! it’s what we do, it’s all we do and we believe (supported by those multiple industry awards and international sales success) that we’re the best at it. 

That time Visorvision built a Katana...

So, here's a fact; I can get obsessed quite easily.

When I went to the Spa Bikers Classic in 2013, I became obsessed. Sometimes that gets in the way of the things I’m probably supposed to do, sometimes it drives me onto things that I wouldn’t reasonably have expected to achieve.

I love racing motorcycles, I love racing history, I love endurance racing, and it turns out, seeing all that brought together under the warm star filled sky of Spa many years ago flicked a switch in my head that could only be turned off by taking part. Taking part needed a bike.

The following posts of the Spa Katana blog are about the bike I built (as it's long since finished, I can tell you this with some surety!). The thinking, the building, the parts, the spending (groan) and not least, the huge amount of help and inspiration from people much cleverer than me to get it done.

The original* plan was for this to end up on the grid at Spa to race, and have not only a fabulous looking Katana at the end of the journey, but a race finish to celebrate. 

*Spoiler alert/teaser - we did get to Spa... to find out what happened, read the rest of the story!



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